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Treasury Management at FIBT

Formerly Cash Management

Cash Management at FIBT is now Treasury Management. No need for concern; all of the reps you know will continue to provide the same products and services for your business. The change was made to more accurately reflect the department’s capabilities, and how it can serve you, our valued customer.

Our comprehensive suite of products and services can help your business optimize liquidity while decreasing operating costs and associated risks. Treasury Management at FIBT offers streamlined payment solutions for accounts payable, reliable solutions for payment collections, and a wide array of products that offer secure solutions to manage your business’s cash flow.

  •  Processing payroll and other transactions with ACH Payments
  •  Send payments seamlessly and securely using Wire Transfers
  •  Protect your business with Dual Control
  •  Make deposits from your desk with Merchant Capture
  •  Reduce check and ACH fraud with Positive Pay
  •  Offer enhanced payment methods, including credit cards, with Merchant Services

Our experienced team of Treasury Management experts is ready to help you take control of your business accounts. Contact us today.

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