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Three tips to prevent online banking fraud

One common method of fraud currently in circulation is when someone impersonating a bank employee calls a customer and says there are fraudulent transactions on their debit or credit card. Sometimes, the caller ID is even manipulated to display the name of the financial institution. If someone calls you and requests your online banking login information, that should be an immediate red flag.

Here are three tips around online banking security:

  1. We will never call and ask a customer for your online banking user name and password, or your personal information. However, please note that if you call us at the bank, we will ask for certain personal information in order to verify your identity and maintain security.
  2. When in doubt, give us a call. If you are contacted by someone claiming to work at First International Bank & Trust and have any doubt as to whether or not the call is legitimate, hang up and call us directly – either your local branch or 1-800-359-8092.
  3. Report the incident. When calling us back, make sure to report the incident.